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Our main mission is to bring you apps that provoke thought, better your life, or bring you enjoyment.
To this aim, we initially released an app about a story of our two rescue cats, Peter and Pumpkin with a link to the website of the rescue agency we adopted them from, as well as a link to a nationwide registry of rescue organizations. We then moved on to create a fact-checking game, using only non-biased sources of information during the beginning of the fake news epidemic.

Kenny Dubroff

Lead Developer

Hazy Studios is a family-owned endeavor. Our owner and lead developer is a single dad of two. His children, Isabella, and Connor helped found the company. Having since moved on to enjoy other pursuits, they still help collaborate on projects and test apps from time to time.

Kenny has over 25 years of self-taught experience developing software. He began coding at the age of 6, and in 2010, took his passion and made it into his profession. Kenny is an INFJ, believing that most pursuits aren't worth pursuing unless they're helping someone or something. His favorite quote is:

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Making Woke Apps

Apps That Serve a Noble Purpose

Apps that provide a needed distraction

Pretend To Be A Boomer

A custom keyboard that types in all caps, makes typos for you, suggests old slang words, a chat app, and more!

Pretend to be a Boomer surfing the internet. Hilarity ensues! Coming 12/2019