Hazy Studios Is:

Family Owned, Globally Minded

Kenny Dubroff – Lead Programmer
Dad In Chief​
Founder – Hazy Studios
Isabella Dubroff – President of Games
Lead App Designer​
Founder – Hazy Studios
Jay Dubroff – Lead Artist
Lead Web Designer
 Founder – Hazy Studios

Hazy Studios Believes:

In the power of love, positivity, and in being agents of change

Changing Your World
One App
At a Time

From delivering apps that bring a positive change to your world, to delivering mobile accessories that change the devices you cherish, we believe in making  a change wherever we can.

Our first app, HARP Rescue, was initially named Peter and Pumpkin after our beloved rescue cats. Instead, we decided to make it a tribute to HARP Rescue – the rescue organization we adopted them from.

Our next app – Check That Fact, is an effort to get the world checking facts instead of just using one source of information, or whatever source is handy at the time.

Check Facts, not ​slants