Calling All Beta Testers!

Apr 11, 2018
Posted by froggomad

SICK ​of Fake News?

Have fun with a beta test of Check That Fact while helping us do something about it!


Calling all interested ​​beta testers! Hazy Studios is just about ready to begin Beta Testing Check That Fact and we need your help!

Fact checking is boring, and sometimes hard. Isabella, my 11-year old daughter, has decided we should make it fun and easy, so we are!

​In order to qualify:
    1. ​You must HATE fake news
    2. You must LOVE to play geeky games
    3. You must ENJOY competing with your friends and proving people wrong!
    4. You MUST have an iOS Device! (Sorry, we’ll get to other platforms as soon as we perfect this one)

In your application, you MUST include:

  1. Your First and Last Name​
  2. Your apple ID email address so we can send you a beta test invitation if you qualify

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