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May 21, 2017
Posted by froggomad

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In development from 5/2017 to 7/4/2018, Check That Fact cross references multiple fact-checking websites, with their fact reporting scores and slant revealed. Speaking of slant, no sources with a known extreme bias will be available (ie, Breitbart, Mother Jones) regardless of their fact reporting score. An extreme slant intends on swaying the reader, and that defeats the purpose of true fact-checking. Results are sorted by date, and can be sorted by bias, but you’ll lose points for sorting by bias.

Did we mention we’re making it fun, too? Fact-checking, fun? Yep, we’re going to award you experience and titles for checking facts. We’ve fully implemented a leaderboard.

The app is free to download, and continued development will eventually be supported by in-app purchases.

Who checks the fact checkers? Nobody is more qualified than you. Oh, you don’t have a degree? Well then… that’s ok! By being able to search for a query and check multiple fact-checking sites with the confidence that what you’re seeing is true fact with little to no slant, you can form an informed opinion. Informed opinions defeat fake news before it goes viral.

Snopes (Confirmed)
Hoax-Slayer (possible)
Politifact (Confirmed) (Confirmed) 

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