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Jun 12, 2017
Posted by froggomad

5/8/18 -​

A month since our last update to the Devlog seems like an eternity! Even though it’s been far less time between updates than our last two updates, it feels like longer. We’ve gotten so much done in such a short amount of time, I almost can’t believe it!​

Current State:

  • ​The backend scripts are complete, and the frontend is entirely integrated with the backend​​​
  • The article view has been completely upgraded for a smoother, better looking experience
  • The leaderboard is fully integrated
  • A menu was added which currently displays a settings page and access to the leaderboard​
  • Frontend 70% complete

3/27/18 –

Wow it’s been a LONG time since we’ve posted an update! Bella and I have been super busy with school. Bella is in band, and she just started Taekwondo. I’m in Drama and Band so we’re both super busy buys busy! Dad has been trying to run our online store, but has been having a hard time. He realized he was completely neglecting development, so he’s back into it, full swing!

Our Kickstarter completely flopped, so we threw in the towel - JUST KIDDING. We don’t know how to give up, especially with a project as important as Check That Fact. So Dad decided to do the backend himself, and he learned Javascript, node.js, DynamoDB, Cognito sign-in, and the Facebook SDK. We have a working signin using Cognito and Facebook, and Dad has figured out how to download everything that’s in the database, but he’s having a hard time getting it to display properly. He’s probably buried neck deep in an async tutorial or 2 as you read this lol

Current State:

Backend ~95% complete:

  • Scripts 95%
  • DynamoDB 95%
  • Cognito 100%
  • Lambda 100%

Frontend 5% complete (We have to basically rework the whole thing since we’re using a backend to handle complex tasks):

  • UI ~10%
  • UX 5%

We’re expecting to release on time for our goal of 5/1/18

6/18/17 –

Current State:

  • 100 results being pulled from Politifact and displayed on table view
  • relevant information being passed to detail view
  • detail view looking good, working on font styling for main article
  • UI – 70%
  • UX – 30%

Additional minimum required before release:

  • Accessibility Options (larger fonts, speech-to-text, larger buttons, etc…)

6/5/2017 –

Current State:

  • Information being pulled from Politifact and Snopes is relevant.
  • Detailed layout is presentable at best.
  • Politifact needs some touching up (author name, date formatting) as well as other search options added (i.e. keyword search if possible).
  • Snopes is in an alpha stage at best, currently only providing text (no date, pictures, author name, etc…)

Minimum required before release:

  • Use keyword searches whenever possible (easiest way to query)
  • 5/10 sources
  • Relevant results for keyword searches 95+%
  • Fully Functional UI
  • Satisfying UX
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