Kenny Dubroff


Lead Programmer

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About Me:

I’ve been using a computer since the age of 6. I mainly used to play games, but got into Basic for a little while before I hit 10 because I wanted to learn to make a game like Zork (a popular text-based game of the time). When I was around 8, I broke our Mac by deleting “..” from the directory structure and taught myself how to fix it before mom came home using only the manual the Apple came with. At some point, we upgraded it to a IIGS, then in 1990 or so, we got an x386 based PC running DOS which I also taught myself. Fast forward to 1998, I taught myself HTML by copying other people’s websites and eventually created a few websites of my own. I’ve had various jobs, nearly always involving a computer, and always excel at that part of the job the most.

Here I am, 37 years old, finally doing what I’ve meant to have been doing my whole life, and I’m loving every minute of it!