Check That Fact!

Download Check That Fact Today!

Download Check That Fact Today!

Are you tired of your friends posting fake news on social media?

Do you want the truth, and nothing but the truth?

Then, before you share it, Check That Fact!

Check That Fact! searches ONLY fact-checking websites , then uses an advanced algorithm to sort through the results to provide you with only the most relevant results from your search.

But @HazyStudios, doesn’t <my favorite search engine> already basically check facts, and in some cases, provide an option to ONLY check facts? Yes, and they do a great job. But if you want to know the source’s fact-checking score and slant, you’ll have to do a bit of research on your own, making checking that little fact quite the chore.

One of the best things about Check That Fact! is that we only use credible sources. We determine the credibility of fact checking websites using criteria available on We only use sources that are listed as fact checking sources, and only sources that are rated as having the least bias. By providing multiple results from multiple credible sources, you can begin to paint a picture about the actual truth.

Not only that, but we’ve decided to make fact-checking fun too. That’s right, we’re awarding you experience and titles as you check more facts, and read more articles to learn the whole truth. There’s a leaderboard as well so you can totally geek out and impress your friends!

Fake news isn’t going anywhere, but you don’t have to help spread it. Do us all a favor. Before you share it, Check That Fact!

Download Check That Fact Today!

Download Check That Fact Today!

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